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Cancellation / Refund Policy

Should bad weather or any reason from the owner or their employees of any charter boat booked thru cause the charter to be cancelled on, or prior to, the day of your booking, our preference is to offer you another available day. If this is not possible, then A FULL REFUND will be provided. Refunds will be made the same method as payment. The hirer shall have no claim on any account against, its management and contractors.

Should one or more of the guests jump off the boat charter during a cruise into the water, it will be deemed as a Man Overboard situation and Marine Safety Queensland requires the boat to return to port and end the cruise immediately and no refund or compensation will be given.

Should one or more of the guests turn up drunk and intoxicated before departure to a hired charter boat and the crew of the hired charter boat deems it unsafe to do the cruise they can cancel the cruise before starting and no refund shall be given.

If any guest does anything dangerous or illegal during any cruise, The boat owner or the master on the vessel reserves the right to stop the cruise and return to the nearest drop off point without any compensation.

Should the hirer cancel the booking than the following refund applies (please note charter boats will not refund simply due to bad weather) : –

No. of days prior to charter when hirer cancels Refund Amount
14 days or more Deposit is lost
13 days 50% refund of total quoted full price paid
10 days 40% refund of total quoted full price paid
8 days 25% refund of total quoted full price paid
7 days no refund
5 days no refund
4 days no refund
3 days no refund
2 days no refund
1 days no refund
Day of charter no refund