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Gold Coast Charter Boat REDEMPTION is the largest boat on the Gold Coast which allows BYO drinks.  It is a unique and spacious venue for your corporate events on the Broadwater.  It can carry up to 80 guests, catering for both casual and formal events with its rare multi-purpose large interior dance floor as well as open aft-deck, bow and upper deck. Its crew is very professional and hospitable, providing you with impeccable service for a memorable cruise experience.

The vessel has a bar / kitchen as well as male and female toilets. BBQ, microwave, eskies and fridges are available for your food and drinks. It has a superb sound system, so all you need is to bring along your iphone or iPAD to plug in for your party music. Otherwise, the vessel is most suitable for DJ music or even a live band. We also have a smart TV on which you are welcomed to play your own videos via a USB.

Corporate parties always make for an enjoyable get together among colleagues and guests. Hosting such an event aboard a cheerful, welcoming and spacious vessel would make an impression. The reason to host such an event may vary from a staff bonding party, a holiday party, a celebration of an achievement or a product launch. Regardless of the reason for the event, the elegantly-designed Redemption, which allows for optimal enjoyment of the stunning Gold Coast waters, offers attentive service and event customization to realise your special vision.

REDEMPTION without her optional canopy

REDEMPTION with her optional canopy

The lower cabin is installed with a classy bar/kitchen and window-side comfortable chairs. All these enclosed a beautiful dance floor, which of course can also be used for sit-down dining or buffet.

Guests are welcomed to come before their cruise to decorate the cabin to do corporate branding for their event. Or not bothered to do any decoration and just use our smart TV to play some special feature corporate videos.  The salon has recently been refitted with new floor and seats:

Bar and galley after refit

The aft deck is very spacious. It can be used for relaxing in the open fresh air, BBQ or fishing.

The spacious bow

The upper deck is open air. Suitable to party from day to night.

The new look of the upper deck after refit

Ideas for your Corporate Event:

Think of it as matchmaking. Start with consideration of size of your group and the kind of event desired – whether it’s to be a cozy affair or a big bash. Next, focus on what exactly you want to do. Are you in for a leisurely sail, a team-building activity, an incentive dance party or a gourmet meal under the stars? Dinner sessions and gatherings are old news – it’s time to jazz it up with a thrilling and impressive corporate event on the water!


Some suggestions:

(1) Audio and visual presentation using our smart TV and our sound system with wireless microphones.


(2) Welcome cocktail/mocktail and mixed nuts. These could be served by waitresses dressed up as mermaids or pirates etc, depending on the theme of your event.

(3) Dining with a View. Indulge in culinary delights while cruising Gold Coast’s waters. We offer a Fusion or a Western lunch/dinner option, allowing you to savour delicious meals while enjoying a glorious water view. Whether you prefer a casual buffet-style lunch or a fine sit-down dining experience, there’s something incredibly special about dining on the water. Our crew can assist with the venue setup as per your meal requirements.

(4) Door Gifts for every guest and a mystery lucky draw prize.


(5) Dance party with DJ or band.

(6) Product launch or a client reward getaway.  Keep the clients impressed by surprising them with a water venue rather than a brick-and-tile venue.  Use our copious wall spaces to display your corporate and product logo throughout the cruise.


(7) Take your group experience onto land with an exciting shore excursion on the South Stradbroke Island.


(8) Adventure and Activities on the Water- From snorkelling and swimming to fishing, the possibilities for water-based activities on a corporate charter are endless. Tailoring the activities to your group’s interests ensures that everyone has an enjoyable time on the water.

(9) Sunset Cruise – Gold Coast’s sunsets are legendary. There’s nothing quite like watching the sun dip below the horizon from the deck of a boat. Our crew knows the best spots for sunset views and will plan your tour around the golden hour to make your sailing experience magical.  Gold Coast’s waters are teeming with vibrant marine life, from playful dolphins to pelicans. A corporate sunset charter on the Broadwater allows for intimate wildlife encounters, providing the chance to observe these creatures in their natural habitat.


(10) Set up casino card tables or a massage table to give your staff and guests a treat.

One of our recent corporate customers, The Collective, said:

The Collective corporate party waiting to board Redemption at the Seaworld Jetty

Alternative boarding location at Paradise Point Jetty

Capacity: Can carry up to 80 guests.

Drinks: BYO drinks and ice. Eskies and fridges are supplied. No red wine and No spirit bottles are allowed. Spirits are only allowed in pre-mixed cans or bottles.



BYO food. There is a microwave oven free to use. If you need to use our BBQ, there is an extra cost of $35. BYO everything you need, eg, plastic plates and cups, cutlery, etc.
Organize any caterer of your own choice.

Departure Location: Seaworld Jetty, Paradise Point Jetty . See maps above.

Departure time:

Please be punctual and come at least 5 mins before time of cruise to board the boat.

Deposit: $500-$1000 for booking confirmation and the balance is due 2 weeks before your cruise date.

Private Charter Prices  (All charters must be at least 3 hours):

Up to 30 people, boarding at Paradise Point: $500 per hour

From 31 to 50 people, boarding at Seaworld is possible: $800 per hour

From 51 to 60 people: $1000 per hour

From 61 to 70 people: $1100 per hour

From 71 to 80 people: $1200 per hour

Partial list of Redemption’s happy corporate clients

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