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Gold Coast OCEAN JET | Jet Boating Rides Off Shore on the Gold Coast

OCEAN JET rides the real waves off shore from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. This Jet boat ocean thrill ride will give you adrenaline, power excitement and Surfers Paradise and gold coast views

Ocean jet has been purpose built and been specially designed with its deep v hull for handling the offshore action. Ocean jet is gold coast highest powered jet boat with 880 hp, these twin 5.8litre, 640kg turbo-charged yanmar monsters deliver speeds up to 90kmph out in the ocean.

Don’t let the enclosed cabin and air conditioning fool you, ocean jet boating may offer the luxurious of a cruise liner, but the purpose built jet boat performs like a race car. The skipper expertly launches the 880-horse power vessel through swells roaring in across the pacific, before pulling the boat into a tight 360-degree spin. The skipper brings the boat to an abrupt stop before facing an oncoming wave, which breaks over the entire cabin.

Located: Marina Mirage (arm D) 60 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Australia.

Prices:Private Charter $920 per hour; $600 per half hour

Bookings: Contact  0412 614 025

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