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Sunpower VIP is an epitome of luxury to be experienced.   It is Australia’s first solar panel electric premier superyacht.   Cruise in Eco-Luxury: Experience the serenity of Sunpower solar yacht – Embrace sustainable maritime exploration!

A brand new luxury yacht, it is multi-levelled, giving you separate entertainment areas.  It even has a full kitchen.  Ideal for cruising in Gold Coast for all kinds of parties and gatherings.  Sunpower stands as the most exclusive yacht charter service in Australia, thoughtfully catering to a limited number of esteemed guests per trip.

1- sunpower-main photo - DJI_0019

Take in the uninterrupted views from the comfy open space on the bow with room to stand up or to sit/lie down on the day beds.

3 sunpower

The side of the yacht also gives vantage points to take in the beautiful Gold Coast scenery:

4 sunpower

The best seats are in the aft deck:

5 sunpower
6 sunpower
7 sunpower

The salon interior has space for a cosy sit-down meal:

8 sunpower
sunpower interior 1a combined
sunpower interior 4 combined

More interior casual seating adjoining the full galley:

10 sunpower

The upper deck:

sunpower interior 2 combined
sunpower interior 3 combined

The Bedrooms

11 sunpower

Become one of first guests in Australia to cruise the Gold Coast in a Sunpower Solar Electric Superyacht.

12 sunpower

Capacity: Maximum 25 guests.


Location: Berth A 1, Marina Mirage, 60 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Qld.


Gold Coast Cruise Prices:

  • $1495 per hour for 2 hours
  • $1200 per hour for 3 hours
  • $1100 per hour (4 or more hours)


Food and Drinks: BYO or we can cater for you.  No red wine or pure spirits.


Extra Entertainment Option:

Introducing our Exclusive Entertainment Package: “Troy Star – The Magical Marvel!”

Add a touch of enchantment and laughter to your cruise with the mesmerizing talents of Troy Star, a magician renowned for his spellbinding magic tricks and uproarious comedy. For just $550, experience an unforgettable performance that will leave you and your guests amazed and entertained throughout the voyage.

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